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America has heard us through Occupations. They now know they are part of the 99%. Now it’s time to show them WHY. And we can detail all the GOP travesties that got us here through miniprotesting’s unique brand of curbside activism.

Miniprotests are made up of three small groups of four spread out over three consecutive street corners. Each group within this “protest string” has someone in its center holding a 30″ x 40″ main sign at waist level. The three folks around each central miniprotester hold traditional signs overhead. That way the focus of passing motorists will be on the three main signs at eye level which provide a running message like the old Berma Shave rural roadside ads. This format allows a few seconds (or minutes if traffic is really bad) for folks to digest each part of the message before they see the next.

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Here’s a sample main sign inscription set:

Corner #1:  Seen Many Jobs Created by Billionaire Tax Breaks?

Corner #2:  GOP “Job Creators” Myth Just Empty Rhetoric, Slogan to Justify Inequity

Corner #3:  See Through the Republican Facade. GOP = Greedy One Percent

Most Occupations have dozens of signs that can support these main signs, or any other miniprotesting main sign sets you may want to produce. What’s important here is the METHOD, which can fit any MESSAGE you want to convey.

So how does this work in the context of an Occupation? Miniprotests can be set up as SATELLITE SUPPORT of an ongoing Occupation, or as a way of extending its messaging and goals after the tents have been forced down. As long as an Occupation’s assembly still exists, either in a park or online, the infrastructure is still in place to take full advantage of this activism tool.

First, a Miniprotesting Committee is formed during an Occupation’s assembly. Members of this committee will contact other committee heads to see what issues they’d like to highlight in future miniprotests. The Miniprotesting Committee would be responsible for the messaging, locations and timing of miniprotests, and organizing signups either onsite or through Google Groups or Docs.

Then members of the MC can create the miniprotesting main sign inscription sets for each cause among the other committees. The fonts need to be as large possible, in Arial spaced 1.5 apart, three or four lines per sign. Have the margins expanded out to the full width possible. Then email them to a FedEx Kinko’s and have them print them out on their 36″-wide roll paper to the full width of the paper, generally about 400% of the original. The 30″ x 40″ foam core white signs are available at Staples in convenient packs of three. Costs can come from the Occupy general fund or by $2 donations from each participant the first time the signs are used, then a buck thereafter. Save all inscriptions for future use; roll them up and keep them dry. You can rotate through different messages on different days, swapping signs throughout locations.

Now comes one of the biggest advantages of miniprotests:  With groups of about four per corner no permits or other special arrangements need to be made. There can be no justification for police intervention of any kind. Cops can’t play their hand if you don’t deal them any cards.

And now employ the sheer numbers of an Occupation to this model. Miniprotesting can present A CONTINUAL PRESENCE ALONG COMMUTE ROUTES to bridges, freeways, and tunnels because with 300 people you can man 25 SEPARATE LOCATIONS.

Spreading information that will bring down Republican power is essential to Phase 2 of the Occupy movement. Regardless of all demands and causes, the only way to make things move in the desired direction is to eliminate any possible GOP obstruction. That means our PRIME OBJECTIVE is to CREATE A SUPERMAJORITY in both the HOUSE and SENATE. The resulting progressive wave will also steer Obama’s second term more in our direction. So this is how we achieve this through targeted miniprotests:

-Expose lies, hypocrisy, and corporate ties of each state’s GOP candidates. This must be in state as well as federal offices because GOP control of state legislations is out to cripple unions and stifle the vote

-Continue to taint the GOP brand as a whole, showing how all the GOP legislation and deregulation created much of our debt and most of our economic troubles

-Target state officials in charge of voting process to DEMAND that they tell how many voting machines will be at each precinct 60 days in advance to prevent the long lines

-In states where new voter ID laws have been enacted, make sure everyone is aware of what they need to have on them when they vote. This will also serve as an indictment of GOP voter disenfranchisement.

-Remind Democratic voters that withholding votes for Obama, or worse just staying home, is just SELFISH. Personal indignation or dissatisfaction with Obama’s performance CANNOT INTERFERE WITH THE SUCCESS OF ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES. Every Democratic vote is needed, from state assembly down to every city council.

-To give true conservatives a means to identify with the 99% mantra, differentiate between them and the CORPservatives who harness tea party indignation as fuel against Democratic leadership. Their 1% agenda is easy to see, so we will expose every proposal they make linked to who makes out best. We will harpoon their only weapon: unquestioned flawed rhetoric. True conservatives will see that they never enter into the picture in GOP economic plans. We will put all the dots so close together that these duped conservatives can’t help but connect them. And when they realize just how much they’ve been played, the GOP in its current form will implode, and all the money supporting it will be fruitless.

These are the specific things that miniprotesting can achieve if we harness enough numbers and make protest strings a common and informative sight every afternoon. And it needs to start now, as an effective evolution of the Occupy movement. Phase 2 may not get the media’s attention, but it has the power and the numbers to get everyone else’s.


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